The power quality problems have been present since the inception of electric power. Poor power quality translates into reduced productivity and higher operating costs to the end customer.

Our power quality products help our customers to comply with international standards such as IEEE519-2014, EN50160, D_A-CH-CZ 301/4, GB5/3 (UK), etc.

As experts in the field, we guarantee a comprehensive solution to power quality problems at residential, commercial and industrial installations worldwide.

We can identify the best approach to solve your power quality problems to deliver a solution that will exceed your expectations.

With our products, our customers can reduce costs of reactive power and eliminate harmonic oscillations at residential, commercial and industrial installations; thus avoiding interferences on the same grid.

The capability to compensate if load currents are measured on medium voltage side, provide the possibility to reduce, with higher dynamic, the grid oscillations and reactive power compensation on the grid side.